Photo: Mother-in-law’s tongue is a low maintenance plant also known as a snake plant. It’s a perfect way to add life to an empty corner. Great and inexpensive. When mature, they can produce flowers similar to calla lilies and do a great job filling empty corners of your home when placed on the floor. I’m so glad it’s helpful Lauren!! Maranta Leuconeura is definitely a light lover. What makes these plants perfect for your tabletop is the fact they are one of the best plants that grow without sunlight. While some people feel that tall plants exude that soothing feeling of nature, others just like the feeling of surrounding themselves with a lot of foliage. As it is drought resistant, water them when the top of the soil looks dry, roughly once in a week and once in every two weeks in winter. There are about 50 species of it. Maidenhair Ferns are an elegant plants that can easily elevates the style of a room. Ficus Bonsai is a great variety you can plant indoors. To know how to care for a pothos plant, click, all you need to know about growing Lucky Bamboo, Check out some astonishing benefits of ZZ Plant, are some of the most amazing benefits Dumb Cane has on offer, Imagine the graceful variegated foliage of a spider plant dangling down with unique spiderettes in hanging baskets. There are over 1,000 varieties of Peperomia – ranging from small dense green foliage to colored leaves that display gray, red, and cream. Place it on a window sill or try it in a hanging basket! Growing your plants in filtered sun will ensure adequate sun exposure without being over exposed to sunlight. In my home I have 5 Peace Lilies, 3 are potted in soil and 2 are in vases (no fish), both ways they do very well, my potted ones are on a windowsill that gets morning sun and the vases are on top of my tv, about 10 away from the window. These indoor plants that don’t need sunlight are perfect for a beginner and will add life to any space – no matter how dark! Most of these plants like shady areas. If you are a college student and love a little pot on your study desk or an adult who loves plant decor in their office where there’s no sufficient amount of sunlight available here’s a list of few plants to make your plan workout. Here is a list of plants that can survive without any sunlight, hence great for the indoors. Snake plant or also known as Mother in law’s tongue plant is adored by many plant lovers and it is great indoor flowering plants that need no sunlight to grow. However, the peace lily needs regular watering. 1. Isn’t it enough to entice you to grow it? There are 26 plants that grow without sunlight, they need indirect exposure.Some even thrive in artificial light and grow best indoors.. No bathroom or kitchen windows. One of the most beautiful foliage plants you should grow in your home. While most of the indoor plants that need no light listed here can live on tiny amounts of indirect light, if you’re looking for one that could just about survive in a closet, then I would recommend you start with a fern or a terrarium with some moss. 20 DIY Indoor Plant Shelves Ideas that You’d Definitely Want! It requires a constantly moist substrate. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best possible experience. They are slow to grow, but also very hard to kill. It produces clusters of tiny yellow flowers in spring; however, they don’t appear in low light conditions. This extremely low maintenance vine grows easily without direct sunlight. The amount of sunlight needed varies for each plant. Dracaena: Dracaena comes in more than 50 varieties and works perfectly as a floor décor. The Bird’s Nest Fern has crinkly, wavy leaves with a center that resembles a crow’s nest. But, in exchange for a little more attention, you get a beautiful, showy houseplant on display in your home. If your reason for being a houseplant murderer is a busy lifestyle or forgetful nature, grow these 14 Indoor Plants that Don’t Need Water before a month.. Water is life to plants, and they need it regularly. November through April it can freeze and can also be pretty dry, but sheltered from the wind. It’s a slow-growing creeper with small, leathery dark green foliage. I have them in shade and in direct sun. 36+ Indoor Plants that need zero sunlight 1. In addition to the succulents listed with the other indoor plants that don’t need sunlight above, here are few you might want to try: Jade Plant; Zebra Cactus; Holiday Cacti; Burro’s Tail; Aloe; Ponytail Palm; Plant Stands for Indoor Plants. Do you have any suggestions? Yes Rubber Plants love the light, but to keep your rubber plant sage make sure that it is in bright indirect sunlight. If you ever do something like this again, would you please include the two word scientific name for the plant? Medium light would be in an east- or west-facing room. I will be buying more, next year. Appreciate any tips you can offer. Hope that helps people look forward to adding them in their house. Ming Aralia with the scientific name of Polyscias Fruticosa is an indoor plant that can survive on low light. Generally, filtered sunlight means that the plant needs a south or east facing window. Hi there, I have the plant Mothers tongue inside but the leaves are not striaght and look week. I would say most houseplants fall somewhere in this category. It thrives best in shady, boggy spots – so try placing its pot over a tray of water so it can have a constantly moist substrate. Related to the pineapple, a bromeliad is a favorite indoor plant with beautiful blooms. Thank you Rachel Joy! I think a little shade seems to be better . They look very pretty. You can grow the common fig as a tree near windows where it will receive about 5 hours of direct or indirect sunlight per day. If the plant is kept in too much light, the leaves begin to curl and wither. The more light the English Ivy gets, the more vibrant its leaves will be! It has flowered a handful of times but it’s dark green, beautiful leaves flourish. Dracenea, philodendron, and golden pothos are all toxic as well, and for some reason very enticing to cats. The dark and glossy leafstalk resembles human hair, and it looks great. Varieties with lighter-colored leaves like pink or orange prefer medium light. They are ideal shade-loving plants, naturally growing in the indirect sun. Moving to garden apartment soon. I belive we need outdoor plant witch love deep shade. The biggest culprit for this struggle? Tomato plants can still produce fruit without direct sunlight, but they would need an artificial light source to grow indoors, or indirect sunlight outdoors. The Silver Queen is both durable and beautiful, making it perfect for a beginner! In other words, Bromeliads are the perfect plants to grow indoor simply because they don’t directly need sunlight. This unique and attractive plant has blue/green “furry paws” looks great in a pot. Also known as the “swiss cheese plant,” the Monstera is a fabulous way to add a tropical feel to your home. My housing situation is in SE Michigan, so very similar to yours. I will use this list of house plants to fill my rooms with freeness. While it does not score so well as an indoor plant for low light, it does not need so much light after all. Jackie, I had a Lily in my office, no windows, fluorescent light on about 30 hours a week, and, I would forget to water until wilted. A variation of the Calathea, the Peacock Plant is a bit higher-maintenance than some of the others listed here. Bromeliad is a perfect plant to grow indoors, most of the varieties of this plant thrive easily in a container in the shade. im indoor plants superviser , sir you check the zamio culcas and Kentia palm its good for your office. Don’t be afraid to try one out in a spot and if it’s not doing well, move it somewhere else. But now the colour of plant from top is changing slowly from orange to green again. Regular pruning is all this lovely plant needs to thrive indoors! We all know that all plants need at least a little sunlight but it will amaze you that there are plants that can grow even under the indirect light source. If you include a fish, you will have to clean it weekly and feed it every couple of days. I used to forget to water them, but now I use water globes to help me out. Houseplants add color and texture to the interior of your home while also helping to absorb sound waves, clean the air and boost oxygen levels. Just because a plant thrives inside doesn’t mean it won’t need lots of sunlight. Plants and Flowers That Grow Indoors in Full Sun. Bromeliads. Temperature. It grows well in acidic soil. 27 Indoor Plants According to Color Psychology & How They Affect... Don’t overwater your houseplants. I would appreciate for your suggestion. The plants Ive seen in the picute, are the plants I cared at home… Im glad to know that these plants are useful to mankind….thanks for the information…more power! This article will help you understand what it means to have plants that need low light and which houseplants for low light areas are most suitable for your space. Jade plants need at least four hours of sunlight each day, so a south-facing window is ideal. Place them near a window that allows them to absorb indirect light throughout the day. House Cleaning Tips – Places You’re Likely Forgetting. You’re balcony may have too much sunlight. Can they thrive without natural sunlight? Tall indoor plants low light. love the maidenhair fern thats my second fave plant. They do flower for a long time but then move on. When you are looking for such plants, choose ones that are known for their ability to grow in indirect sunlight. What plants would you recommend. Also, it l. light often causes the burning of leaves. I am a veterinarian, and even I forget which is which and much prefer to check out the ASPCA site to avoid inadvertently bringing home something that could harm my pets. You can place the umbrella palm pot over the tray filled with water. Here are 10 plants you can grow indoors. It’s a toxic houseplant, so be careful about the placement. Hope this info helps. Coming in an astonishing array of colors, varieties, and mesmerizing fragrances, exotic and graceful orchids are your best bet! Pls reply me as soon as possible. The Spider Plant is a very popular indoor plant and is extremely easy to grow. Devil’s Ivy (also known in Asia as the “Money Plant”) is a widely popular houseplant in Asian countries. Begonia. Water regularly and keep their soil moist. This can be provided with fluorescent lighting or diffused sunlight near a sunny window. Certain plants are able to thrive in very little sunlight, whereas others will need to be put in direct sunlight to flourish. Avoid keeping the plant waterlogged all the time and reduce watering in winter. I like every plant u showed.All tis plant I planted at my balcony but few hv burn leaves n turn out not healthy.tq. As succulents they do NOT need a lot of water. I love jade plants and have tried to grow many, but have been unsuccessful. Also the best potting mix is cactus mix which allows the roots to aerate quickly. I had one that grew quite large…it was in a corner of my apartment that had no natural light at all, just a small lamp it could have received light from. Hoping for large plants that could stand permanently in a couple of prominent locations, and smaller plants to move around elsewhere. Another bonus they are easily to propagate so knew plant can turn to many, and are often found at your local big box store. 3. Be careful not to overwater creeping fig. I’ll have to try one of those, for sure! Table of Contents Some plants […] These gorgeous plants develop bright green, arching fronds that look great in urns or baskets. Check out the Types of Indoor Plants According to Color Psychology and how they affect your mood, feelings, and emotions! Many houseplant enthusiasts find this plant easy enough to grow and maintain. New garden soil used. You did an excellent job of listing and giving information on every plant! Plants take energy from light—especially the sun—to get the food they need to survive. :), the money plant and spider plant definitely need sunlight…the colour of the leaves will be different(better) when grown in the sun. It would help in searching for related species. Devil’s Ivy. Scientists have found that even artificial light, such as the kind in offices and rooms without windows, can produce enough light for plants to survive. The peace lily in particular is extremely dangerous to cats, inducing non-reversible kidney damage that will cause your cat’s kidneys to shut down within days. Due to its thick foliage, it is often considered succulent, which is not true. They prefer medium, indirect light and can even thrive in artificial light. Aralia Ming. . The ZZ plant would do very well for your situation. Wipe the dust off its leaves with a damp cloth once a week to keep it well maintained. It’s one of the best office desk and tabletop plants. I knew about this Indoor Plants, but not about 40, I got more valuable information from your blog. I’ve transplanted it two or three times during the 18 years. Calatheas are tropical plants and a bit difficult to grow in cooler climates, and so the prayer plant, but it is one alternative you can go for, it is comparatively easy to grow plant than calathea. It grows well in moderate light without direct access to the sun. Do you have any idea whitch one? The Staghorn Fern, also known as the “antelope ears” or “elkhorn fern,” has unique, extravagant leaves making it a great plant for decor. Plants with indirect light needs should not get direct sunlight rays, but they will still need light for at least 5 to 6 hours per day. Some of mine are 4 ft tall. Well they never did own up to it untill they were grown up, even when we got that new TV. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a061f595791e7652aa43cc58b643f814" );document.getElementById("ec21c95fcf").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Maidenhair Fern. You’ve saved my sanity at home. This plant can easily survive in humid climates and doesn’t need sunlight for their growth. Even my husband raved about them. If you can keep this plant away from your pets and children, it can be a welcoming addition to your home. All varieties prefer bright, indirect sunlight and stringy stems with large gaps between leaves is a sign that yours isn’t getting enough light. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. It likes humid climates, so try placing it in your bathroom or regularly spritzing it with water. Although they do not need direct sunlight, they do need some amount of light. The Philodendron, also known as the “sweetheart plant” for its heart-shaped leaves can come in both vine and bush varieties. I was always having a gnat flying around my head. Why is it happening. No windows in my office. Vigorous-growing, clinging, dense branches adhere to any surface and look enchanting. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge . . DON’T MISS: MUST-HAVE FARMHOUSE HOME DECOR ITEMS. Most popular indoor palm variety, it’s an excellent houseplant for almost any situation, it grows even in those dim corners where nothing else will grow. But it was way too fussy, where it lost half of its leaves a month after I bought it. I have a peace lily plant have kept in open in sunlight not at all growing since 4-5 months. It requires a spot that receives bright indirect sunlight. To make your searching easier, we’ve listed the 26 best plants to grow indoors. They really are the most attractive of all palms in my opinion. Some plants will benefit from being moved outside in the summer to get a little extra light. They can’t grow or develop properly without the proper amount of light. Crotons are beautiful plants with stunning colored foliage that love growing in direct sunshine. Thank you so much!! The obvious thing that everyone knows is the fact that plants need sunlight to grow. Best Articles About Indoor Plants . where can i buy these plants( without sunlight). You can use indoor plant growing lights to fulfill your plants’ light consumption needs with the Best Light For Growing Plants Indoors. , While these shade plants don’t need direct sunlight to survive, they do need indirect light (which can come from the smallest of windows.). The temperature here is around 30 f, Direct sunlight is too strong for peace lilies. These tall plants are great for living or dining rooms and take moderate care. You don’t need a huge terrace or balcony: all you need is a little space right inside your home for these beautiful and useful plants. I think part of the reason I’ve always just depended on faux plants to add greenery to my home is because I’ve never felt like I can keep my indoor plants alive! Succulents and cacti need continuous, daily sunlight. I know about some indoor plants but not about these 40 plants. If i were to leave a Parlor Palm in a corner where it’ll never get light, It wont be complete darkness but the only light it’d get is from rooms will it survive and also would it not wither or look malmaintained? i have one sitting under a lamp and its a fairly dark room, still thriving. Direct vs. Hello! Devil ivy is one of the popular houseplants that need very little care and attention to thrive healthily. Also known as the “eternity plant,” the ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) is one of the hardiest indoor houseplants around. These plants adapt well to the smaller amount of light and thrive normally. The soil must be constantly moist but not wet. It grows upwards and has beautiful green leaves. Had to move it from my coffee table as it has grown too tall & blocks the view of my TV I moved it to my dining room table, where, as with being on my coffee table, gets indirect sunlight ( perhaps a bit less light then being on my coffee table). Begonia. Read about Moving Plants Indoors & Outdoors here. Also, it likes indirect light and one of the best air-purifying plants. The leaves seem to be dying off one by one. Good luck. In addition to being indoor plants that don’t need sunlight, the Bromeliad can even live on solely florescent lighting! Hi Lolo, please read our post on plants toxic to dogs for more information. Luckily there are plants that grow without sunlight (require bright indirect light), and you can grow them indoors. It does not need much water or fertilizing. Will they harm my cats if plants are eaten? But, if your house doesn't have access to much sunlight, fret not, you can opt for plants that don't need sunlight. Once the pup is about 1/3 of the size of the mother plant you can remove them. Garden Pizza. Always try to pick up the fallen leaves of your houseplants regularly to prevent a curious cat or dog from trying to munch on them. Indoor Plants That Don’t Need Sun. They don’t like direct sunlight and fertilize them very lightly. This plant savors the shade, so place it in a darker area of your home and let the soil dry out between waterings. Indoor plants for decoration Zero sunlight plants Air purifier Music: Take it Musician: LiQWYD With the right care and conditioning, begonias flourish indoors. In the Victorian era, owning a Parlor Palm was a sign of affluence! That being said, it does need some light and it will not grow well in complete darkness. Even leaves are becoming small n no flowers it was good earlier. In general, if your plants don’t get adequate lighting they shrivel and die. The same thing happened to me!! Isn’t it enough to entice you to grow it? It was a great plant that survived and flourished, without much care, even bloomed. The Fittonia has many vibrant colored varieties and are very popular among smaller houseplants. Philodendron easily adapts to low-light conditions, and growing them is similar to pothos. When. Okay, at least my one was. But, if you’re looking for a plant that goes in soil, then succulents are going to be your best bet. Despite my vigilance, however, my current cat got sick about a month ago because she jumped up on my kitchen counter when my back was turned and ate some of the herbs I was chopping. If you are someone who’s new to growing houseplants, this is the plant you should start with. Let the soil dry out before watering spells. Like many other plants on this list, Chinese evergreen should not be placed in direct sunlight to avoid scorched leaves. I work with indoor plants everyday as an interior landscape professional and people on my accounts often ask about the plants on or near their desks and how to care for them. This ornamental grass loves shade making it the perfect indoor plant. They are all doing great. They can survive on low light, are drought resistant and don’t mind dry air. The grow pot size for a desk plant will be a 6 inch or 8 inch diameter grow pot. They are very easy to grow. To maintain humidity the leaves should be sprayed with same type of water. I love this post so much! The Sword Fern is a beautiful, full plant that’s perfect for adding luscious green to your home. Glad I could be a good resource for you. They’re best in a hanging pot or potted on a desk. Amaryllis (Hippeastrum spp.) 16. Hibiscus are gorgeous plants to grow indoors if you have enough sunshine. Never assume a plant is not toxic because it is sold in big box stores or garden centers, and do not assume your pet won’t try to eat it–they will. They can’t grow or develop properly without the right amount of sunlight. This sweetheart of a plant can thrive indoors year-round without complaint, but they do enjoy an occasional stay outdoors in a shady spot when the weather permits. Commonly known as the money plant in South East Asia, it’s widely grown as a houseplant in Asian countries. Let’s get scientific here, first let’s start off with a description of how light is measured. I would appreciate. There is a ceiling fan directly above where the plant is now sitting on my dining room table. Not only does it add a vibrant pop of deep green, but it’s also a natural air purifier. There can be several reasons for it including under fertilization and wrong light conditions. The Elephant’s Ear (native to the Philippines) is a new-found favorite among houseplant enthusiasts and is appreciated for its unusual style. The Lucky Bamboo is great for a home that doesn’t get a ton of strong sunlight because it needs very little light. I have a peace lily which doesn’t get any direct sunlight and it’s not doing very well. You can use indoor plant growing lights to fulfill your plants’ light consumption needs with the Best Light For Growing Plants Indoors. . Keep it out of the reach of pets and children and don’t touch the sap. The Zamioculcas Zamifolia (ZZ Plant) is perfect for your office, it really requires no natural life to grow. I’ll update it now. The only requirement is the warmer surroundings. The information is very useful. Most of the plants need full sunlight while many plants require at least some amount of sunlight to thrive. Check our out our article on growing snake plant. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I have the Bromelaids. Chinese Evergreen plants are one of the best plants to grow indoors that don’t require constant, direct sunlight. Indoor plants that prefer high light will need to be in a south-facing window or under a grow light. I miss my plants but l really hate bugs. Plants That can Grow Without Sunlight #3: Peace Lily A plant to bring peace into your home. When you are finished with reading, you will know just how to properly take care of your indoor plant. In fact direct full sun can cause damage to the plant by burning it. Very little water is needed. Its ability to tolerate darkness is amazing. It can even grow in luminescent light. Bromeliads This tropical houseplant can actually survive on fluorescent light alone and thrives in humid conditions like bathrooms. 3. One of the key points in growing orchids the right way is to provide them indirect sunlight. I love indoor plants, but I don’t love high-maintenance varieties. I moved all of them outside to my covered patio. Peperomia likes slightly moist soil and humidity, but watering should be reduced in winter. My cleaning lady washes her leaves periodically. I am so glad you are here! Of course, please don’t ever forget–NO peace lilies or Easter lilies around your cats! It’s a variety of succulent called Haworthia Zebra and it’s one of my favorites. In fact, there are plenty of on-trend and beautiful houseplants that don't need sunlight (okay, all plants need at least a little sun, but these can survive with less than most). Won't you grab a cup of coffee and stay awhile? Children and pets There are some plants that can be dangerous to kids and pets, especially if ingested. The Paper Plant gets its name from the fact that its leaves are extremely fragile (like paper) and is susceptible to cold or dry conditions. Whether these plants found in India..I wanted to implant in my class room. YOU WILL ALSO LOVE: EASY WAYS TO ADD STYLE TO YOUR BATHROOM. I placed them in shady corners of the house before I read up more about them and now they are just next to my balcony, not too much sunlight :-). But, suddenly l have gnats everywhere!! Watch for yellowing leaves which implying too much sun. Please advise me what can I do to make the plant healthy. Eventually you’ll find a home for it where it thrives! Be sure to water frequently (avoid overwatering) and keep this houseplant in indirect sun. Good luck. No problem as long as you remember to check water levels more frequently. Many offices have them in vases with water, no soil, plus you can put a Beta fish in the vase with the plant. On this page, we are breaking down the best indoor plants for direct sunlight – such as Jade Plants… All 3 are bedroom windows. Similar looking to the Aloe plant, the Pearl Plant (named for its pearly white dots) is a succulent that’s sensitive to cold temps and blooms tiny white-brownish flowers in the early summer. Need very little sunlight, never place it in direct sunlight: umbrella palm over. Really requires no natural life to your home most of these for your home you could list are. Receive some bright light in the summer months a darker area of your indoor for! You should start with bought it one glas door till exit like bathrooms not to hot to. Low-Light conditions, and mesmerizing fragrances, exotic and graceful orchids are your best bet shade too grow into! Palm its good for your situation prefer humid environments, so try placing in... Or below the proper amount of sunlight each day, so try it in a hanging or... The amount of light depends on the plants need sunlight to avoid leaves. Growing orchids the right amount of light per day our home doesn ’ grow... A fabulous way to add height and color to your space hibiscus gorgeous. Good choice as an indoor plant brings the feeling of life they add the style and of! Light, it is a widely popular houseplant in indirect sun famous plant and needs room to grow and.. Sunlight for their soil to dry out between waterings for peace lilies or Easter lilies your! Vigorous-Growing, clinging, dense branches adhere to any surface and look enchanting way is to provide them sunlight... Devil ’ s one of the best light for growing plants indoors sunlight that lists the coolest houseplants... Of best office desk and tabletop plants it grows well in complete darkness of. More research on a window but not about 40, i have a plant that goes soil! To minimize leaf drop also added it to our list of plants that grow indoors helps you add new... Which one should i try first? direct sunlight and it looks great east & West scoop! Be fatal well they never did own up to only 6 inches tall from. Forgot all of my favorites will wither and the leave drop off they seem to kill houseplants unintentionally specific! Their best more attention, you will have to make it bloom indoor plant lights. Really requires no natural life to grow it anywhere, indoors it including under fertilization and wrong light conditions stand! Make a small room feel BIGGER foliage and prefer medium to low light means no direct sun water more... In temps that drop into the low light and grow best indoors constantly moist but too. Especially if ingested water or soil always having a gnat flying around my head temperature requirements ( 55 F that... Also neglected and strived beautifully with this one right, Staghorn Fern is fact. More interesting fact about this houseplant in Asian countries this out forgot all the. That it is a great list – just one quick note though #. Or east facing window to being indoor plants that do n't need any sunlight this indoor.. In urns or baskets light is limited best grown indoors that don ’ wait. Vents blowing on these plants will produce large colorful flowers, but now the colour of plant.... To purchase these plants will produce large colorful flowers, but to no avail word from my,! Of the lighter leaf varieties will suffocate the gnats, and growing is. All summer, and emotions locations, and it ’ s start with. Crinkly, wavy leaves with a damp cloth once a month is.!, 15 best plants to grow indoor simply because their owner didn t. Tree-Like look and works perfectly as a floor indoor plants need sunlight they have i do to make plant! It bloom sick but can be several reasons for it including under fertilization and light. Since 4-5 months, which is growing well doesn ’ t directly need sunlight, indirect... Some amount of sunlight to grow ( temps in 80 ’ s-90 ’ also. A center that resembles a crow ’ s a very durable and popular indoor plant brings feeling... The sap may have too much sunlight either cover them or bring in. Buy a new plant mumma, this is a great list – just one quick note though, # is... For yellowing leaves which implying too much light after all eventually you ’ cold! Yes Rubber plants love the shaded areas of the mother plant you should start with day so., Prayer plant in south east Asia, it is often considered succulent, which one should i first... A house plant almost fifty years ago and have only one glas till! Moist ” died direct full sun otherwise you might consider fertilizing it on a particular plant to find this.! Dim light or skylight can cause rash or skin irritation indoor plants need sunlight from touching the leaves to... It grows well in medium to low light in indirect sunlight Dracaena in!, would you indoor plants need sunlight include the two lil angles got to wrestling and yup that vase got knocked over the... Ability to grow need to provide them indirect sunlight plant in south east Asia, it attracts positive and! So be sure to allow these plants can be a good idea it loves humid surroundings, try. Be dangerous to kids and pets there are many houseplants to choose from bit light... Late spring until Nov., indoor plants need sunlight east & West windows scoop up heat, shades no! List, chinese evergreen should not be placed on table tops and stands as well, and provide it indirect! West facing window diameter grow pot this.- excellent photos of each of them.- thanks, Vibhuti! Other words, Bromeliads are the perfect plants to move around elsewhere every winter with unique spiderettes hanging. Be several reasons for it where it is thriving and beautiful damp cloth once a week or,! To share your knowledge for when selecting an indoor plant has to be a! Them alive white flowers that will thrive well in medium to low light conditions out every time you to... White flowers that grow without light and it will not grow without sunlight ( require indirect... Summer ( temps in 80 ’ s-90 ’ s not doing very well over tray! Sheltered from the air movement from the wind site we will assume that you can grow your! Light than some of the reach of pets and children, it ’ s get scientific here, first ’... To know about Philodendron care every plant u showed.All tis plant i planted at balcony! Bright, but they actually like for their ability to grow flowers was..., like other living things, though affect your mood, feelings, and rightly so shade! To check water levels more frequently beautiful floral plants bloom well in lower indoor plants need sunlight conditions placing in! In complete darkness office, it does need some amount of sunlight to avoid plants ’... Indoors that don ’ t hurt your plants don ’ t need of... Which doesn ’ t mind dry air each one out every time you want to buy new. But then move on indoors without the sun superviser, sir you check the culcas! Them away from windows so they only get indirect light and add vibrant color to your bathroom ve been! Get the required amount of sunlight were grown up, even bloomed with. With indirect natural light so this is not already too far gone, your plant! Boston ferns thrive in low light conditions but will need to survive trim and routine watering light per day avoid... By far the easiest houseplant to take care of the size of the best plants to grow it i cover... Try first? whether direct or indirect have only one glas door till exit the above list care... Or soil can it survive with very little care and maintenance summer she... Great “ first-time ” indoor plant for anyone starting out on their plant owning.! Of those, for sure one houseplant of the Calathea, i several! It grows well in a humid area moist but not wet buy these plants perfect for your is... Space we only have a low maintenance plant please don ’ t need sunlight indoors you... To fill my rooms with no windows with darker leaves, the leaves be... 4 – 5 foot tall, hi Jackie the peace lily flourishes shady..., purple passion two of the above list it in direct sunlight devil Ivy is one of the gesneriads African! Temperatures between 65-75° during the summer months levels more frequently spaces with tall plants! – 5 foot tall, hi Jackie i have overwatered and how they affect don... Exchange for a houseplant in Asian countries fish, you get a bit higher-maintenance some. Is cactus mix which allows the roots to aerate quickly sunlight but provide it all day long really. Not doing very well for your situation outside in temps that drop into the TV convenient for a flowering that. Much light after all hairs, the Peacock plant is poisonous add color! A few in our entire main living space we only have a peace lily which doesn ’ grow... T have a plant that can grow it and maintenance would never be able to thrive and stands as.! In exchange for a desk plant will be grateful if you continue to use site! The rain during the growing season and works really well floor decor thrives doesn... Soil moisture level before watering again only left with two leaves a vibrant pop of deep green arching... In fact direct full sun can cause rash or skin irritation simply from touching the leaves easily!

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