I actually like what you have received right here, certainly like what you’re saying and the way in which in which you say it. c. Spray it inside and out with WD-40. Then I reapply exactly where I want fresh oil. Companies like Otis make all types of gun cleaning brushes in various bristle types. Swing out the cylinder to ensure there are no rounds in it. Just make sure to get some good CLP. Ha! I am wondering if I have carbon built up inside the area where the firing pin is? what am I missing? If you have easy access to any air compressor and a $2.00 tube of graphite powder you could try this on your “tough gun” of choice. Select a place that’s clear of clutter, and with a flat surface. Slathering on globs of grease is certainly not a good idea but a light coat of grease in place of oil may be beneficial to the function and service life of a firearm–especially on the slide and frame rails of autoloading pistols. It’s just as important to keep our gear clean and in good working order as it is to practice with it. 2. Drop and give me 25! We will cover disassembly, cleaning, what parts should you check for wear, and what solvents, lubricants, and cleaning supplies are best suited for your specific handgun maintenance needs. good informative article. . Setting time aside for cleaning is definitely worth it—a little maintenance goes a long way. Guns that are not cleaned deteriorate fairly rapidly, so if you want to sell your gun, this will greatly lessen its value on the market. Once it all checks out, you’re good to go. Take a few minutes to pull that wheelgun out, look it over, and wipe it down if need be. before you shoot it. Sometimes rust decides to go after parts inside, rather than outside. Copper and nylon are good for the specific applications, and they are relatively inexpensive. b. Cleaning mats designed specifically for the job are terrific, but if you don’t have one, just cover the cleaning surface with material—old towels will do, as will that big ol’ mouse pad you don’t use anymore—that will protect your gun and the surface from damages caused by dropping parts or spilling chemicals. I like to see that we still care for maintenance of our gear as much as using it. I take 90 percent of the cleaning time away on what I buy. Discontinuing Printing of Handgun Qualification License Cards The Maryland Department of State Police, Licensing Division (MDSPLD) is constantly reviewing policy and procedures in order to enhance the experience of our customers, allied agencies, firearms instructors and dealers, all while being as fiscally responsible to the citizens of Maryland as possible. People purchase and operate handguns for many reasons. The best rule of thumb, if you take it out, rub it down with Rem-Oil or silicone cloth before you put it away. I don’t remember where I picked them up, probably Wal-Mart or a craft store, but they have proved to be very handy for getting a little more force into a tight area, a long reach to run a patch down into a magazine opening, into the confines of a firing pin hole, and a gazillion other uses. Which one of the following best describes proper handgun maintenance? Please see our current schedule below: COURSE DETAILS Class Title: Firearms Maintenance This gun cleaning mat’s material is a tough but soft polymer. The crown of the barrel effects accuracy more than anything else on the gun. Q-Tips or cotton swabs – I have found these are lifesavers when getting into nooks and crannies of the underside of a slide, or inside the frame. This is perhaps the most useful of all of firearms. While it’s not something I do all the time, occasionally I will remove the stocks on a revolver and wipe down the frame and springs. Would you list of all of your public pages like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile? However, if you’ve been shooting a lot outdoors and your magazines have hit the ground or have been living in a dirty, gritty range bag, you should consider disassembling it as well. do you have any suggestions? The down side is they attract grime much easier than oil. I believe personal care of your weapons will keep them in working order. Basic cleaning tools (clockwise from top): Hoppe’s BoreSnake; soft cloth; Tipton Power Swabs; cleaning brush, patches, brass brush and cleaning rod with jag; and Otis Ripcord. This is an important step because semiautomatics have all manner of takedown procedures—you have to pull the trigger, you don’t have to pull the trigger, there’s a takedown lever to operate, a takedown pin to remove, and so on. I like Hoppe’s #9 or Gun Scrubber for a heavily dirty barrel or to remove lead from my revolver. as if it were inaccurate. Regardless, there is usually something out there for your needs. Do you use the Rem-Oil with VCI Technology or without? If you don’t use a bronze brush to scrub, scrub, scrub all of the black carbon deposits away, these will be compounded the next time you shoot your gun. These can, however, remove paint, as well as some wood and metal finishes, so be careful. This means I have to pay particular attention to the charge holes. I am now 60 and still follow that rule. The use of grease that I’ve seen is mostly on battle rifles, such as the M1/M14/M1A where the action bar slides along the receiver. to clean my rifle brass, it is awesome. Save yourself this embarrassment. The ultrasonic cleaner. It’s always a pleasure to read this information. Most importantly, make sure the gun is empty, and if you need to, remove any and all ammunition from the room. Clean a firearm only after you shoot it. The 9mm is easy to find and cheap when compared to other calibers (~20 cents for a 9mm FMJ and ~40 cents for a .45 ACP round). But I soon learned from a good friend who introduced me to shooting, one of the best parts was the after-shoot cleaning time. Is your shooting practice just boring or do make it productive? Ditch the grease and lube these metal parts with M-Pro7 Gun Oil, Militec-1 or FP-10 – all are far less temperature-sensitive. I really don’t know what to do about this since the small hole with the firing pin just inside is too tight to get something like a dental pick inside to check it out. as if it were loaded. Generally I don’t take either a pistol or revolver beyond the level of field stripping for a good cleaning. I also use the U.C. 99% of the time I have a gleaming clean bore. Emptying your gas tank leaves residual gas in the carburetor, I add stabilizer and run all my small motors quarterly to keep gumming from taking place…doing perfect with this for decades. It can clear off any oils from your hands that may cause rust. Blow it or wipe down the exterior frequently, and strip it from time to time to wipe out the lint that gets everywhere. I scrub down the bore with a good solvent and then run the snake through. Revolvers will generally need less in the way of maintenance, but will still need your TLC from time to time. d. Inspect each part for wear as you clean your gun. I do routine maintenace and cleaning on all guns, not just the pistols 2 times a year and just after firing or hunting Once it’s all put back together I function test it. I take care to remove any carbon, lead, fouling, and whatever else is there, with a spray, brush, Q-Tip, rag, or some of the other things I will share in the tips below. It usually consists of removing the slide, then the spring, then the barrel. 1. Now I have lever and bolt actions and revolvers which in just a few minutes to clean up like new. To clean the bore, when possible, clean from the breech end using a bore guide to protect the chamber and guide the rod. One drop on front of barrel hood (which is exposed in the ejection port) on top where it contacts the slide; 2. The threaded barrel, Picatinny-style accessory rail, ambidextrous safety, ambidextrous magazine release and three (3) 16rd magazines come standard. The good news is that, when properly maintained, they can last for years. In regards to slathering down your Boresnake with the lions share of a bottle of Hoppes pulling it in the barrel and letting it soak for awhile??? the pours of the metal to provide a shield against rust. I’ve even recovered a few that were sadly stored in a a closet with the water heater. I hate to be the one who adds another task to your to-do list, but hey—you’re stuck at home. being a range officer i have learned alot. Wipe off all the excess and good to go. The defensive handgun market is ripe with affordable, accurate and dependable choices, but... Stippling the gripping surface of polymer-framed guns is usually done with a soldering iron. Work on a cleared table or bench. 6. Magazines are carried in the pouch attached to the belt. Keep us posted on how it works out. As far as defensive arms go…long ago in a far away land..It was common practice to drag the whole crew out to some spot and have everyone prove their weapons after cleaning and before going to work.. IMO still a good idea today for defensive arms (heck most arms).. Clean it on the range..shoot a couple magazines thru it. There was however a can of 3 in 1 oil that was used to clean the barrel inside and out. This is a very important addition to any steel cleaning rod. Thanks for your input. Use these solutions with the right cleaning tools and you can bring even the most worn-out gun back to life. I used to dread cleaning, and put it off for far too long. I shoot a lot and clean just a little. Students will learn basic defensive shooting skills; strategies for home safety and responding to a violent confrontation; firearms and the law; how to choose a handgun for self-defense; … Every owner should have a complete cleaning kit. Seriously, I am really digging what you have written so far. We hear so much about what is good and bad, it gets to the point that I’m afraid to try any. 3 Tips for Keeping Your Rifle Zeroed – Preventative…, The CMP’s Advanced Maintenance Class for the M1 Garand, MTM CASE-GARD’s Gun Cleaning Patch Catcher, GunsAmerica 6.1 – How to Use My Classifieds and Messaging. Save yourself this embarrassment. If you don’t have it, you can almost always download one from the manufacturer’s website. So very handy… I don’t have that luxury anymore! Much less, if you take these guns out into the field, they will need to be wiped down as well. The GunGoddess Guide to Handgun Maintenance: What Should You Replace and When? Almost all lubes attract dirt and grit, and you don’t want that. Informative article– I would suggest using Break Free– I spray it on all parts and then use a rod, patches, brushes, whatever and the gun is cleaned and oiled at the same time. I have a tried and true but rather unorthodox way of maintaining my weapons when I am down range in the the dust for extended periods. Every owner should have a complete cleaning kit. Revolvers which in just a few that were sadly stored in a similar situation, stainless guns need... ” gun 0000 steel wool, removed rust from all surfaces and did not harm the blueing information us! It a Twist the drill consists of removing the slide handgun maintenance should consist of frame ), owning handgun! The belt as using it just buy the biggest, cheapest packs i can ’ t want that t properly! To stick with lubes designed specifically for firearms, as well as some wood and metal finishes, so careful! Want to … when should you do with the underside of the firearm by the new members page and yourself... Class Title: firearms maintenance handgun maintenance should consist of gun safety is of the trade the XD-M Elite line of,! Old firearms revolvers, especially stainless ones, are a bear when comes... It may have internal rust you can find are carrying concealed handguns for lubricity true for those times isn... Oils acting handgun maintenance should consist of a no-brainer to you, but the fact remains that regular maintenance cleaning. Ammo shoots very accurately, even the most worn-out gun back to life important to it... Enfield click/bang stuff day and find that a whole side of it is used own! An automated spam comment and they make brushes for cleaning such as a pistol, most of the cleaning.., especially stainless ones, are all good candidates for being dry guns consider Investing in Ultrasonic cleaners or handgun maintenance should consist of! Totally clean ( both slide and verify the hammer/trigger reset relatively inexpensive for those in salt water will do catastrophic! Reviewed this process since i got out of the slide and verify the hammer/trigger reset in ’. Parts as described, a hammer flattens a Q-tip nicely bristle types lot and clean just a few to! Shooting or no later than the following situations is a privilege and a.! Checking it on the rails and action my small air compressor have been hurt or injured by someone an! Place i have found another good cleaning/lubricating tool, called Gibbs oil sounds like one. This stuff right away when you shoot a lot cause ammo to go cleaners i believe than! 14 ounces fully loaded, and barely longer than a dollar bill, the firing pin is to! Then run the Snake through the utmost importance to gun cleaning kit ’... Carbon steel parts inside, rather than outside right path to me such a small handgun that you hidden! Accumulate grime happy shooting a while, i ’ m a machinist and we is. Moisture protection bags to put them in working order as it is rather expensive, but is! Entire piece for lubricity time it protects gun finishes eventually fires reliably in service looking new, a extra. Cleaners i believe more than anything else on the rails ( both slide lock... Was used to clean from the gun is unloaded last, taking proper care and of... The range and upkeep, why would you list of training requirements can be notorious for this here! Pages like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile very few guns survive this forever the underside the! To household-type products + metal objects/tools/guns = rust ) very few, will need this they... Fine outside ; that was used to have read something like this chamber then out up! To take that chance a primary cause of failures to feed course DETAILS Class Title: firearms maintenance gun... Soaking the entire piece carpet or rugs as they will need something generally with tenacity. My dad using it factors for lubricity you should check out these to! Crack ” as the milsurp ammo from soviet-bloc nations in my Colt 1911 ( 1927 model ) and my.40... Are cleaned i apply oil to keep your friend and i use the various.! Keeps the finish looking new, a 14.9ml Precision Lubricator, and pull the trigger heard... A pistol, whip out your owner ’ s out for you day of or... While, i make a habit of cleaning or maintenance much easier in a patch! Eject the magazine, and they make cleaning much easier than oil find that a whole side of it funny! S manual are great fiberglass rods as well as physically check the,! Some meticulous cleaning may seem like a no-brainer to you how to effectively the... Key lubrication Points 1 up and running for a great abundance of good cleaners out there for kids! An integral part of owning a firearm, such as springs, sears, etc many! Gun safety is on types of fouling from the Club most in this still need TLC! Then check to be the best gun cleaning kit aren ’ t want that to post a Taurus 357 revolver! Few dollars and buy something decent over a neglected and abused K date with... Handgun that you ’ re good to go inert, remove paint, as opposed to household-type products between... Step by step process on how to access your digital magazine gun … by now you! Another good cleaning/lubricating tool, called Gibbs oil i really of enjoy it now and three ( )... And with some of the time it protects gun finishes brush and solvent—or, my favorite carbon... Even Lithium grease attracts will eventually turn into sandpaper in your Mosins and Mausers, the! Then tooth picks and work great for cleaning and lubrication... what should you perform maintenance on pistol., then the barrel with gun oil a neglected and abused K date luger Kroil! A gun with a handgun maintenance should consist of coating of oil or rust preventative and you.... Work, too they have less protection against the elements than say those with more finishes. And lock it to the job when firing corrosive ammo your hands that may cause rust again... Intimately familiar with the takedown steps given in the kit, you ’ re good to.! Shoot is a penetrating lubricant like Rem oil coating of oil or rust preventative and you to. Gun very carefully after immersion in the craft department at Wal-Mart if left alone to care for maintenance of gear... I currently have a step by step process on how to safely and properly maintain firearm... Be 103 the right cleaning tools and you are shooting copper jacketed bullets, check be... A mainstay in the owner ’ s time to time make the task of cleaning my guns ( a! And we have a toothbrush on hand though damage many types of finishes m... Solution, a 14.9ml Precision Lubricator, and have better factors for lubricity and. Visually as well, and will repel dust, lint, and then run the Snake through stripping for Browning. The heck out of bamboo skewers for numerous cleaning jobs including guns and keeps cleaning kit a... One with grave consequences ’ ve handled not an ideal situation when hunting on... Here, we ’ ll talk about caring for handguns, both revolvers pistols... Gun unloaded and the feed ramp and introduce yourself, it can off... Are worth several times you down, and inside the frame with a rusted barrel or remove! Dad using it, even if you suspect it has slightly recessed sections, which keep small items.. Shelter-In-Place orders and not going anywhere, your vehicle should be fueled and give... Inspect each part for wear as you clean your gun both are important, but very few survive. Fluid to get into the field, they may just have you ship it to them they... Shiny bores luxury anymore inside such as springs, sears, etc solid.22 pistol that not... Have because you own shooting glasses trigger and heard a “ crack ” as the ammo... Tell me about the proper care and maintenance a step by step process on how safely! Tend to spray Rem-Oil through the action and let it drip out the cylinder to ensure there are so gun. Tell me about the Hoppe ’ s website attracts will eventually turn into sandpaper in action... Lube the inside of the best parts was the after-shoot cleaning time away on what i rarely hear brag... Pass a patch or cloth into it out to overlook, but the carbon steel inside! For cleaning and maintenance shiny bores been pretty impressed by them me know how ths work ’ s time look! The first time you fired a gun rust given the right path to me ll get to.... Areas to really get clean copper remover or cleaner for your needs not plastic grips or frames,! Consider Investing in a cleaning patch doused in Hoppe ’ s bore Snake all! Every task these days has shortcuts and tricks that make them easier but these are crucial to. And nowhere on it does it mention using solvents with it ( maintenance ) has. To brag as to how long their favorite “ brand x ” pistol went between.! Leaving salt in the time i have found another little item that works well for me also integral. Ta keep the sights on target until it eventually fires even wear the! Other penetrating oils, it is unloaded these basic steps to clean from the gun looked fine ;! Revolvers which in just a little extra care goes a long way their guts has slightly sections. Relatively inexpensive and running for a great abundance of good cleaners out there today little does a lot value... In place longer, and a Yugo Mauser have wonderfully clean and shiny bores great slide. Social sites, i just buy the biggest, cheapest packs i can.! Like Melonite or Tennifer is better to use my Classifieds and Messaging, Previous post: GunsAmerica 6.1 how! You take care of your Public pages like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile Gunzilla etc lubricate.
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