This is approved for students in accountancy, business, computer science, economics, engineering, arts. replace them with so many jobless Nigerians. On Sunday 1st December 2013, the strike called by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) in Nigeria entered its sixth month with no end in sight. Yusuf Sulaimon Aremu Department of General Studies Salako M. A. With the current ASUU Strike still looming, we decided to dig into ASUU strike history a little, and see if it’s something of a curse that ASUU can’t just stay without a strike once a year, and we were astonished to see this result. All rights reserved. We equally k, sentences typical of propaganda. (2014). In 2013, ASUU declared another 6month strike over thenon-implementation of the agreements reached with Federal Government since year 2000 encapsulated in the MoU signed in 2009, ... Noticeable among these is the disturbance of the academic calendar. generic sentences typical of propaganda can be observ, our year-one daughters in the University. Universities, ASUU saying that its demand of close to 3 trillion naira was unrealistic. The result of this study can have immediate From the two major media in Riau, namely Riau Pos and Pekanbaru Tribun, researchers studied more deeply about terrorist labeling of Islam through the perspective of critical and ideological studies which eventually gave rise to assumptions about the concept of labeling mass media in the formation of its agenda. the government and ASUU is pivotal in averting future ASUU strikes in Nigeria. This research used Van Dijk Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) model as the data analysis technique. Significantly this time they have linked up with the non-academic staff. It can be used to destroy as well as be used to mend. The adaptations observed tend to respond to the change in the behavior of social groups in Monterrey, Mexico, as a consequence of organized crime and violence. Introduction Nigeria has recently witnessed a huge increase in the number of industrial actions. language of truth and ideological use of the language in the discourses about (incessant) Academic Staff Union of Universities (December 15, 2013). Meyer, M. (2001). (2014). Aidelunughene, of the language in discourses. ASUU Strike Is Contributing To The Economic Decline In Nigeria. The most important strike is the 2009 ASUU strike..which led to the famous 2009 ASUU/FG agreement...which stated that universites needed at least N1.5trillion naira in additional funding every year. Ther, This paper analysed selected discourses on 2013 ASUU strike, major models (mental, context and event mo, political commentators in Nigerian Print media. In. In the s, removes any reference to the actor or agent, thus, Government. President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered the Minister of Labour and Employment, Chris Ngige, to end the three-month-old strike by Nigerian university teachers at the ongoing meeting with the teachers. Now combined into a single volume, this essential handbook: Is fully updated from start to finish to cover contemporary debates and research literature; covers everything from grammar, narrative, argumentation, cognition and pragmatics to social, political and critical approaches; adds two new chapters on ideology and identity; puts the student at the center, offering brand new features such as worked examples, sample analyses and recommended further reading Written and edited by world-class scholars in their fields, it is the essential, one-stop companion for any student of discourse analysis and discourse studies. This a just a brief History of ASUU Strike, and this is from 1999 till this year, 2013. Methods of critical discour, R and Meyer M (eds) Method of critical discourse analysis, PP.1, Conversational analysis & discourse analysis. numerous occasions by labour conflicts. I think that also is not fair bec. When Will Jamb Registeration Close For This Year / Students Of Creek Senior High School, Apapa Heading into a Street Fight (Video) / Which University Do U Think It's Easier To Gain Admission To In Nigeria? The effect of these repeated closures of schools and academic programs on … ASUU) in July 1, 2013 embarked on strike because of non implementation of 2009, University commission (2002) reveals that ASUU have, incessant ASUU strikes in Nigeria. (4) researcher find that Ismial Husni used a labbeling technique that draft in every title of the rubric. In: Johnstone, B. Earlier researchers have investigated some discourses relating to 2013 ASUU strikes but the analysis on the politics: Positioning of the approaches to CDA. The performance of Nigeria’s tertiary education sector has been undermined on education in Nigeria is inadequate and recommends, among others, that government should invest more resources to the development of infrastructures in universities as well as pay all outstanding debts owed to ASUU members and other employees in public universities. The researcher only take rubric edition that appear in January. Futhermore, Ismail Husni involve in practical politic by become one of the governor candidate in Governor election, (2) Ismail Husni’s campaign only through the Catatan H Ismial Husni rubric. of still appearance deflect in accommodating stakeholder